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Tips for Shipping | How to Get Your Item to Its Destination Without Damage

Shipping can be a daunting task, especially if you are shipping a fragile item. However, many of us have felt the excitement of receiving a long-awaited package, only to be disappointed upon finding the precious item inside damaged.

Interestingly, this scenario happens more often than one might imagine. In 2018, the top three couriers— UPS, FedEx, and DHL—delivered approximately 13.5 billion packages. Shockingly, eleven percent of these deliveries experienced damage or misdelivery. This decodes to nearly 1.5 million damaged or lost goods, an unacceptable statistic. Regardless, there are a few tips for shipping that you can follow to ensure that your item arrives at its destination safely and without damage.

In this guide to shipping tips, we reveal some tips for shipping that go beyond the basics, providing valuable insights to safeguard your cargo throughout its voyage. Join us as we delve into the nuances of shipping and offer practical advice.

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What Makes Careful Packing of Your Items Important?

Imagine that some online shops might start to ignore the product damage with a ¯_(ツ_/¯ attitude. But the reality hits when they realize the actual expenses tied to consistently sending damaged goods to their customers. These expenses extend far beyond repairing or replacing products and encompass various challenges:

  • Managing returns
  • Offering discounts on future orders
  • Spending extra time and effort on customer service
  • Filing insurance and freight claims
  • Overseeing the disposal, inspection, or repair of returned items.

However, the effect goes even further, impacting the brand’s reputation and risking the loss of customers and referrals. So, why is it important to handle products with care? Because doing so isn’t just about avoiding unnecessary expenses; it’s about protecting your brand, keeping customers happy, and building lasting relationships. All of this starts with something as simple yet powerful as careful packaging be it in air freight, land freight, or any mode of transport.

Tips for Shipping | Protecting Your Items with 7 Packing Recommendations

Here are seven recommendation tips for shipping to safeguard your items:

Protecting Your Items with 7 Packing Recommendations -
  1. Opt for a New Box: When it comes to boxes, new is the way to go. While reusing boxes might seem eco-friendly, their structural loss can drop by around 60%. For valuable items, a new box ensures the necessary protection.
  1. Select a Sturdy Box: Double-walled boxes provide the best defense. Identify them by the visible flutes, or holes, between cardboard sheets. A higher count of flutes signifies a stronger box, providing enhanced protection.
  1. Wrap Each Item Separately: When packing multiple items in one box, especially if they’re fragile, wrapping each item individually in bubble wrap minimizes the chances of collision-induced damage.
  1. Cushion Items from Interior: Additionally, keep items from touching the inner walls of the package by using additional padding. Whether it is styrofoam peanuts or kraft paper, these substances act as a protective bond.

Pro Tip: Give the packed box a gentle shake; if you hear too much movement, add more cushioning.

  1. Avoid Overpacking: Moreover, ensure your items fit comfortably within the box with sufficient cushioning, especially in Pack n Move. Overpacking can lead to items pressing against inner walls, making them more vulnerable to damage.
  1. Guard Against Moisture: Wrap items in a plastic bag to protect against water damage. For goods sensitive to humidity, you can put moisture-absorbing products like silica gel packets in the box.
  1. Utilize Strong Shipping Tape: Furthermore, leave the scotch tape and opt for strong shipping tape. Clear shipping tape suffices for basic closures, but for added strength, choose heavy-duty brown tape or strapping tape for bundling boxes of the same size.

Pro Tip: Seal your box using the “H-tape” method, ensuring a strip of tape covers seams on both sides and down the middle.

Summing Up

Regardless of whether you’re shipping your goods, fulfilling courier orders, or managing warehousing and distribution for an eCommerce business, prioritizing how you handle delivery services and operations is crucial. By using sturdy packaging, cushioning items thoughtfully, and being mindful of the shipping process, you ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination. Keep in mind that dedicating attention to meticulous packaging not only safeguards your products but also cultivates trust and confidence among your customers.

With these tips for shipping in mind, you’re not just transporting items; you’re delivering reliability and excellence, enriching the experience for you and your recipients. So, start your shipping journey equipped with these seven strategies, and witness your parcels arrive at their destination safely and securely.

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