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Our NVOCC services, import, and export, in conjunction with our Freight Forwarding and Customs Brokerage, provide comprehensive shipment visibility from when a booking is placed. You enjoy unrivaled service with NVOCC and Freight Forwarding services administered by a single point of contact and our online track & trace system. Please get in touch and let us show you how worry-free international shipping can be.

What is NVOCC?

NVOCC refers to a common carrier that does not own its ships. Sales, loading, and delivery to destination ports are part of an NVOCC’s operations. The NVOCC agents handle the problem of obtaining bills of lading and the distribution of shipments overseas.

An NVOCC is a cargo consolidator that buys space from a carrier and then resells it to smaller shippers in the ocean shipping industry. Except for providing the actual maritime or intermodal transportation, the NVOCC carries out all the duties of a carrier, such as issuing bills of lading and posting rates. Common carriers that don’t operate their ships include forwarding companies. NVOCC companies acts as both a shipper and a carrier.

What is NVOCC - Super Middle East Freight & Logistic
What We Offer in NVOCC Service - Super Middle East Freight & Logistic

What We Offer

Our NVOCC services enable us to maximize importer and exporter shipping volumes while providing ocean transportation services at competitive costs. This is performed by participation in industry associations. Super Middle East provides access to various service contracts by grouping members of shipping volumes, resulting in rates that individual members sometimes need help to obtain on their own. As a consequence, our shipper/clients notice the cost savings.

Features of NVOCC

With an NVOCC on their side, business owners no longer have to pay the inflated charges charged by shipping companies for cargo space they don’t need. With the ability to combine many shipments into one large one, an NVOCC can offer affordable shipping.

In addition, NVOCC companies receive preferential pricing from shipping lines since they guarantee shipping firms a steady stream of business throughout the year.

NVOCCs make agreements with different shipping lines, which means you may choose various methods to convey your goods. Therefore, you may pick and choose from a variety of transit options to meet your specific requirements.

Our NVOCC shipping can deliver your consignment with a carrier that offers cargo tracking if you’d want to keep tabs on its progress. Our NVOCC specialist also has alternatives that won’t break the bank, so don’t worry about using them.

While NVOCC don’t often offer door-to-door freight delivery services, We frequently partner with regional transportation providers. This allows us to provide consumers with convenient delivery options at their front door. This saves money for businesses that would otherwise have to contract a third-party service to handle their customers’ last-mile transport needs.

Our NVOCC shipping facilitate trade between two countries by handling all aspects of the process, including coordination of documentation, consolidation, packing, and shipping. Confusion over the many Incoterms used in the international trade of goods is common. As a result of NVOCC’s assistance, many companies save time and effort by not having to worry about the safe delivery of their goods.

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