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Ro-Ro Shipping Service-SME Kuwait

AD Ports Group Launches New Ro-Ro Shipping Service To Kuwait’s Shuwaikh Port

Abu Dhabi: AD Ports Group recently launched an exciting service in transportation with the introduction of a dedicated Ro-Ro shipping service (Roll-on/Roll-off) between UAE’s Khalifa Port and Kuwait’s Shuwaikh Port. This new initiative is set to improve commercial connectivity and facilitate trade between the two countries.

The introduction of ro-ro shipping highlights the commitment of AD port group to supporting regional trade and offering logistics solutions. With improved accessibility and connectivity, businesses can look for enhanced trade opportunities and logistics operations. This ambition will also boost economic ties and help growth in the region, benefiting both UAE and Kuwait’s trade communities.

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Ro-Ro Shipping Service-SME Kuwait

Statement on The Launch of Ro-Ro Shipping Service

Captain Ammar Mubarak Al Shaiba, Acting CEO of Maritime Cluster and SAFEEN Group of AD Ports Group expressed his thoughts on the launch of the new shipping service. He said in a statement:

“AD Ports Group, a leading facilitator of logistics and trade in the region, is dedicated to using its integrated logistics capabilities. It aims to meet customer needs, support business growth, reduce transit times, and access target markets at competitive rates. Khalifa Port, the strategic gateway to Abu Dhabi, plays an essential role in achieving these goals.

Furthermore, by leveraging its extensive infrastructure and efficient operations, the group ensures seamless connectivity and enhanced opportunities for businesses. With the needs and wants of customers, AD Ports Group remains committed to supporting the growth and success of clients”.

Maintaining Trade Relations and Expanding Opportunities

In recent years, the two GCC countries have enjoyed strong respective trade ties, leading to significant growth in commodity markets. According to Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre, non-oil trade exchanges between the two countries show a significant increase in 2022. The estimated value reached AED 43.5 billion, recording a 13% growth compared to AED 38.5 billion in 2021.

Moreover, the value of non-oil exports from the UAE to Kuwait increased from AED 12.7 billion to AED 14.2 billion. Similarly, re-exports to Kuwait experienced growth, reaching AED 21.9 billion compared to AED 20.9 billion. Ranging with an increase in imports from Kuwait to the UAE from AED 4.9 billion to AED 7.3 billion.

This positive trend reflects the strong trade relationship and the growing demand for goods between the two countries. The rise in non-oil trade represents the diversification of the economy and the growth of commercial activities. The strategic location of UAE, efficient logistics infrastructure, and profitable business environment have contributed to this upward revolution in trade. Also, the increasing trade volume shows the mutual benefits and the potential for further collaboration and economic growth.

The sustained growth in non-oil trade shows the importance of promoting strong relationships and exploring new opportunities for trade evolution. By utilizing this positive momentum, the UAE and Kuwait can continue to improve their economic ties, promote investment, and create a profitable environment for trade and business development.

As both countries continue to maintain their trade relations, other industries and associations will also have benefits from them. The future holds fortunate possibilities for continued growth and an increase in trade ties between the two GCC countries.

Ro-Ro Shipping Service-SME Kuwait

Improving Trade Connectivity

The trade volume between the UAE and neighboring countries has experienced remarkable growth due to comprehensive business agreements and partnerships. AD Ports Group has signed agreements with countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey to further improve trade relations.

As part of ongoing efforts to boost trade connectivity in the region. AD Ports Group launched a new ro-ro shipping service between Khalifa Port and Shuwaikh Port. This service will contribute to the expansion of trade activities and promote seamless transportation. It includes the efficient movement of goods through ro ro shipping.

By establishing new ro ro shipping service, AD Ports Group aims to maintain regional trade networks and improve commercial connectivity. This initiative will create opportunities for increased trade volumes, enhanced business collaborations, and further economic growth in the region. The location of Khalifa Port and Shuwaikh Port makes them ideal hubs for facilitating trade and enabling closer ties between the UAE and its neighboring countries.

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